About Us

Our love for dogs, passion about art, and the cuteness of Blue (our white miniature schnauzer) has been our inspiration to create Blue Paws. Here we reflect a different viewpoint with illustrations full of humor and entertainment.


Since Blue gets inspired while drawing pet portraits – Well, our artist does – you will find that we offer a unique artwork that combines Pop Culture with dogs. What a good mix, right?


Also, you can immortalize & express your love, adoration, (and sometimes even our obsessiveness), with your beloved pets. We create unique pieces of art featuring your furry friends and produce fun merchandise with the artwork on it.


We are a hard-working team located in New York City trained to capture your pet's unique characteristics and facial features, and to express their individual personality in the finished portrait.


You will be wagging your tail in excitement with our artwork! Just like Blue does when she sees her treats!

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